Cleanse and Detoxify

Cleanse and Detoxify 

Purification Programs

The purification programs at Scarsdale Health & Wellness are designed to clear your body from the inside out. They are designed to support detoxification of the GI system, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. A clean running body is a better functioning body with better digestion, weight control, endocrine balance, immune function, libido, clearer skin, energy and brain function. Explore our two purifications by reading below, and then contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Standard Process

The Standard Process offers high-quality, whole food-based supplementation, in conjunction with following a food program for 21 days, to help shed toxins and stored fats. This cleanse is a complete cleanse, although for those who want to go longer, there is an extended program. There are specific herbs and supplements in the cleanse to support your overall health while assisting in the elimination of stored toxins. Find out more by visiting the Standard Process website.
Apex Repair and Clear Program

The Apex Repair and Clear Program is ideal for people with severe and/or longstanding food allergies. It is also a fantastic program for anyone else. It is highly targeted nutritional supplementation with attention to removing potential allergens. The shakes in this cleanse are also among the best-tasting. It is a must for people who have complex conditions or autoimmune conditions to start to clear away the complexity and get their bodies on an even keel. Find out more about this program here.
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