What Our Patients Have To Say

Back Pain

I have had back problems for several years. I had problems picking up heavy objects and it was very painful. After treatment, I am feeling much better with your help Dr. Chris. Movement is easier, and I am better able to lift.
--- Rose C., Yonkers ---


This patient had such severe anxiety, that she had trouble leaving the house to go to work, shopping, or any public places. She is now able to go about daily life without issue. In her words: I feel great, I am able to do things I have not been able to do in years. Thank you for giving me my life back.
--- Bob Lappetito, Eastchester, NY ---

Back Pain

When I went to go see Christian DiStefano for the first time I was literally doubled over with a back spasm. I have had lower back pain for years and occasionally experience debilitating pain. Having tried everything else over the years, including chiropractic, I decided to give acupuncture a try. One hour after arriving at his office I was able to stand straight and had a 50% decrease in pain. I have since gone back several times and feeling better and better after each session. Besides being very well educated in acupuncture, I also found Mr. DiStefano to be sincerely concerned about the health and overall well being of his patients.
--- Bob Lappetito, Eastchester, NY ---

Finger Numbness

I am delighted with the results achieved using acupuncture for the growing numbness I have been experiencing in my thumb and 2 adjoining fingers. A little more than a week ago I was unable to distinguish whether I was picking up a large or small paperclip. After only 5 sessions I can distinguish what size paperclip I am holding by feel alone and discomfort from the numbness has greatly diminished. Chris is an extraordinary and caring healer.
--- Virginia, Scarsdale ---

Plantar Fasciitis

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I was in so much pain for the last 9 months, and when I came to you I was limping and could not walk downstairs. Two appointments with you putting needles in my fingers! For my heel, I thought it was totally crazy but it is now a couple of months later and I still feel great, no more pain! Today I had to ask my husband which heel had bothered me before. Chris, no I believe in what you do and you do so good.

Thank for everything.
--- Laurie Vollmoeller, Eastchester, NY ---


I had a pounding headache for a couple of days. It may have been a sinus headache. It was very severe and painful. Being pregnant I wanted to step away from Tylenol. So I was in dire need for help. After my first treatment, the pounding had disappeared, most other pain relieved, I would say about 60%. After my second treatment (at which time the headache was mildly lingering) I would say 98% success rate. Results are excellent, things are back to normal. I feel great!
--- Safia H ---

Frozen Shoulder

I had frozen shoulder for about 2-3 months. It probably was an old injury that I aggravated and the pain was so severe that I could not sleep. After seeing Dr. Chris, my shoulder is feeling great and I have full movement after 2 weeks.
--- Joe Welsh ---


Sciatica pain L4-L5, pain in my right thigh, the pain traveled from place to place and was sometimes severe. I had seen a rheumatoid Dr. the first two times and it helped. Having this problem the third time I decided to try acupuncture because a friend told me about it, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY. I have no more pain in certain areas there in only a slight tenderness. I HAVE NO MORE BACK PAIN – I feel so much better. I can now walk, exercise. I do not have to take any more painkillers.
--- Renee Cohen ---

Shoulder Pain

I came to this office originally for accuweight, but was having some issues with my shoulder. I had difficulty with moving my right arm to my low back. It was a constant ache and very painful By applying certain pressure Christian was able to relieve my ache and restore my range of motion. I was so surprised how quickly and easily this movement freed up my arm and shoulder.
--- Sharon Bonet ---
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