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If you suffer from fatigue, obesity, chronic pain, or other unpleasant symptoms, poor nutrition might be to blame. At Scarsdale Health & Wellness in Scarsdale, New York, board-certified and licensed acupuncturist Christian DiStefano, LAc, and his expert team offer nutrition response services to improve your eating habits, overall health, and quality of life. Dr. DiStefano is highly trained in nutrition response testing and has practiced it for more than three years. For a personalized clinical nutrition plan, schedule an appointment with Scarsdale Health & Wellness over the phone or online today.

Nutrition Response Q & A

What is nutrition response?

Numerous chronic diseases and their risk factors are treatable with healthy lifestyle changes. Nutrition response is a treatment available at Scarsdale Health & Wellness that includes:

  • Nutrition response testing
  • Custom diet plans
  • Nutrition and exercise education
  • Weight loss counseling
  • Herbal and other dietary supplements
  • Detoxification strategies

Scarsdale Health & Wellness uses Chinese medical response testing and functional medicine findings to develop a personalized clinical nutrition plan based on your unique needs and desired outcome.

What are the benefits of nutrition response?

You can reap numerous benefits from participating in nutrition response services at Scarsdale Health & Wellness. Examples include:

  • More energy
  • Less chronic pain
  • Weight loss
  • Fewer nutritional deficiencies
  • Better blood sugar control
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • A lower risk of chronic diseases
  • Detoxification

Nutrition response helps you gain nutrition knowledge, optimize dietary habits, and maintain an ideal body weight for life.

What is nutrition response testing?

Nutrition response testing is a noninvasive analysis of your health. It allows your provider to identify barriers that prevent you from achieving optimal health and wellness.

Once your Scarsdale Health & Wellness specialist completes nutrition response testing, they can develop a personalized diet and supplement regimen that’s right for you.

During nutrition response testing, your provider locates disrupted energy flow using muscle testing techniques. They press on different areas of your body to detect stressed reflexes and muscle weakness.

By communicating directly with your body, Scarsdale Health & Wellness specialists may avoid lab tests and other diagnostic procedures.

What happens during nutrition response sessions?

During your first clinical nutrition appointment, your provider weighs you and checks your pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs. They evaluate your symptoms, heart, and body mass index (BMI), and complete nutrition response testing.

Your Scarsdale Health & Wellness specialist develops a personalized nutrition response plan that might include custom diets, quality dietary supplements, nutrition education, weight loss counseling, holistic pain treatments, and routine follow-up appointments.

Dietary supplements available at Scarsdale Health & Wellness include Standard Process®, Systemic Formulas, Apex Energetics™, Marco Pharma International™, and Energetix® nutritional products.

How often should I schedule nutrition response appointments?

After starting a nutrition response program at Scarsdale Health & Wellness, your provider might recommend weekly follow-up sessions for about six weeks initially. You might begin feeling better in as little as 2-4 weeks.

Don’t live with being overweight, obesity, fatigue, chronic pain, or other symptoms associated with improper nutrition. Schedule a nutrition response appointment with Scarsdale Health & Wellness over the phone or online for better health today.